Starting from Scratch

OK, your ServiceDemand tenant is created and you can login.  Congratulations, but now what?  How in the world do you make sense of all the features and get some work flowing through the platform?

Users with the Administrator (Admin) role are recommended to follow these steps to set the foundation for your company in your ServiceDemand tenant.  Please click these links for step by step instructions but not all of these steps will apply to all tenant setups.  Read any notes and [PRO TIP] notifications for clarity.

  1. Basic Settings
    • At a minimum, create at least one region as this may be used in step 2.
  2. Add Service Provider(s)
    • Only if you need them.
  3. Add User Account(s)

  1. Create [Project] Team(s)

  1. Create Customer(s)

  1. Create Customer Address(es)

  1. Create Customer Projects using one or both of these methods:
  2. You now have the basics complete and are ready to Create a Work Event

Happy Field Service Managing and good luck!