Customer Projects

In the Navigation menu, selecting Customers opens the All Customers page to review customer records.

Search box: Type any customer name (or partial) and click Search to find a customer record.

Each customer is listed in a grid with a quick-access clickable dashboard of five key Work Event statuses and the current number of Work Events in each status.

[Customer Name]: These are clickable links to access the respective customer record.

  1. Projects tab:
    1. Displays all Projects for this customer.
    2. Click a Project name to view Project information.
      1. Details tab:
        1. Bulk Import Work Events section: This is where users can create multiple Work Events by importing large multi-site Projects into ServiceDemand using a template.  [see Bulk Create Multiple Work Events]
        2. Project Details and Routing sections: General information about the Project.
      2. Notifications tab: Six notification type emails are selectable here and the Subscribed Emails section lists the intended recipients.  [see Notifications]
      3. Work Event Templates tab: The Templates are in the Work Event format and form the basis for easily creating multiple Work Events with duplicate/similar data for a rollout project across many customer sites.
        1. Template Name: Refer to Creating a Template for the procedure to build a Work Event Template.
        2. Actions: Once a Template is created and saved, this column will provide one downloadable Excel spreadsheet per Template to use for Bulk Create Multiple Work Events.
      4. Pre-Flight Checklist tab: Used to track completion of important steps or actions deemed necessary prior to the Work Event service date.  This optional list can be customized for each Project.
      5. Service Provider Teams: Project Managers and Project Coordinators use this tab to enter their requirements for any Service Provider Teams they require for a Project.   They will identify the quantity of Service Providers, the titles required of each, and any amplifying information the users responsible for routing/assigning Work Events may find useful.
    3. Refer to Creating a Project for instructions on Project creation.