Customer Contacts

In the Navigation menu, selecting Customers opens the All Customers page to review customer records.

Search box: Type any customer name (or partial) and click Search to find a customer record.

Each customer is listed in a grid with a quick-access clickable dashboard of five key Work Event statuses and the current number of Work Events in each status.

[Customer Name]: These are clickable links to access the respective customer record.

  1. Contacts tab:
    1. Customer Support Contacts: The Service related contacts for this customer.   These are the contacts important to account/project team members and others that deliver the services.
      1. Contacts may be edited and deleted using the appropriate icons to the right side of the contact.
      2. Add Support Contact: Used to add a contact.
      3. Sales Contacts: These are Sales contacts and come from a sales CRM application (when/if connected).