Reporting and Data Management

Most data fields in ServiceDemand are available for review, reporting, and export in Excel and CSV format.   The Data Management option in the Navigation area opens the Work Event Data page.  This page has three sections used to select, filter, and display the data you are interested in.

  1. Choose Table Data To Display:
    1. Select/deselect checkboxes on the data points of interest.  These data points will be in your results and available for export.
    2. Click Apply.
  2. Select Filters:
    1. Click the Select Filters dropdown slider menu to expose the Filter options.
    2. Make your filter options as desired in the various fields presented.
    3. Click Apply.
  3. Sorted Data:
    1. The resulting data from your data fields and filter selections is presented here.  The table may have a horizontal scroll bar if you chose many columns of data.
    2. The columns are sortable ascending or descending by clicking on the column header.
    3. When the data table contains the information you are seeking, you may export it by clicking either the Excel or CSV button in the upper right of the table.