Accept or Reject Invitation

Once you have a Pending Invitation Work Event open:

  1. Review the information provided and determine if your company can fulfill the requirements.
    1. In the header, the specified Skillset for this work is shown if set by the Customer.
    2. Service Date and Time
    3. Service Location
  2. If you want to Accept.
    1. Click the green Accept Work Event button in the blue Info section.
    2. Acknowledge the need to edit the Project for this work by clicking Continue
    3. The Work Event will open in edit mode and you will select the appropriate Project in the Project drop down.  The Project(s) listed are determined by your company.
    4. Scroll to the bottom and click Save Work Event.
    5. Note the sub status is now Invitation Accepted.  This will sync back to your Customer informing them of your acceptance.
    6. You must Assign this Work Event to one of your Service Providers.  [See Routing to Service Provider]

      [PRO TIP] You may reject the invitation later when in:
      Draft or Published status: Top right Actions dropdown menu, click Reject Work Event.
      Assigned status: First unassign the Work Event [see Unassign A Service Provider] and then follow the Published status steps above.

  3. If you want to Reject.
    1. Click the red Reject Work Event button in the blue Info section.
    2. Enter a Reason for the rejection in the popup box that will sync to the Customer.
    3. Click Yes, Reject.
    4. Note the Status is now Cancelled and the sub status is Invitation Rejected.