Work Event Estimates

These estimates function and are created almost exactly like the Global Estimates and a previously created Global Estimate can be associated with a Work Event as well. This process enables a Service Provider to create an estimate as part of a scheduled Work Event either before they arrive, while they are onsite, or after departure.   Follow these steps:

  1. Create a Work Event: [See Creating a Work Event]
  2. With the Work Event in a Draft, Published, Assigned or In Progress (if the Service Provider has already checked in onsite) status, go to the Estimates tab.
  3. At the top of that page, you may select from a list of existing Global Estimates associated with that customer.  This will clone the Estimate into this Work Event and the estimate can be managed as described in the Global Estimates. [See Global Estimates]
  4. If you choose to create a new estimate in the Work Event, click Add Estimate to create an empty estimate.
  5. Click the plus ‘+’ sign to the right to open the estimate up.
  6. Follow the steps in Global Estimates starting with steps 4 through 16.
  7. If you want to send to the customer, click Save and Send to Customer.
  8. If you want to save and send to the customer later or not send to the customer at all, click Save.

You have created the estimate and are taken to the list of estimate(s) in that Work Event.  From here you have several options to manage the estimate(s):

  1. To send to the customer, click the plus ‘+’ sign and then click Save and Send to Customer.
  2. Delete: Click this button to delete the estimate.  If the customer has approved the estimate, it cannot be deleted.
  3. Duplicate: Click this button to duplicate the estimate (so estimate 27218 will be duplicated to 27218.1)
  4. Create Invoice: Click this button to convert the estimate to an invoice for the customer (whether it is approved or not).