ServiceDemand can auto-route Work Events to the best available Service Provider based on a set of filters created in a Routing Group.  To view, edit, or create a Routing Group, Select Service Providers >> View Active options in the left navigation menu.  At the bottom of the Service Providers page is a dropdown slider menu titled ‘HIDE ROUTING GROUPS’ (when open) and ‘SHOW ROUTING GROUPS’ (when closed) for Routing Group maintenance.

To create a Routing Group:

  1. Enter the desired name in the Create new box and click Start.  You are now in the Routing Group edit mode where you can view the Active Filters and edit the name of the Group.
  2. Select Filters in the right grid to narrow down potential Providers to only the ones you want eligible to receive work under this Group. Select:
    1. Skills
    2. Regions
    3. Tools & Tags
    4. Company van
  3. Click Save.

To activate Auto Routing for a Project:

  1. Turn on Auto Routing in the Project you are routing work for:
    1. View Customers >> [Customer Name] >> Projects
    2. Verify if the Auto Routing Enabled? is a green checkmark in a green circle.  
      1. If not, click Edit and check Auto routing enabled in the Routing section
    3. Click Save.