There are different paths to take to Unassign a Service Provider from a Work Event depending on who it was assigned to.

  1. W2 or Contractor Service Provider:
    1. Open the Work Event and go to the Assign to Individual tab.  
    2. The assigned Service Provider is listed at the top (regardless of their dispatch location distance from the service location). 
    3. Click Un-Assign in the Service Provider grid.
  2. Service Provider Team:
    1. Open the Parent Work Event for the Work Event you want to unassign from an SP.
    2. Go to the Assign to Team tab.
    3. The SP Teams for the Project are listed with the SP Team Child Work Events in the table at the top.
    4. Click the Un-Assign button to unassign these specific Parent and Child Work Events assigned to this SP Team.
      WARNING: This will unassign the Parent Work Event and move it to Published status but it will DELETE the Child Work Event(s).
  3. WorkMarket Service Provider:
    1. Due to a limitation in the WorkMarket API, Service Providers may only be unassigned in the WorkMarket assignment dashboard.  Please contact your company’s WorkMarket account administrator to unassign a WorkMarket Service Provider.