ServiceDemand has the optional capability to activate an integration to a labor cloud called WorkMarket which enables users to staff, manage, and close out Service Provider assignments with third-party contractors easily and efficiently.  Please contact your ServiceDemand account representative to discuss this feature if it is not already activated for your account.

The process of routing to a WorkMarket Service Provider is very similar to manually routing to a W2 Service Provider with just a few extra steps involved.  When manually routing to WorkMarket, all decisions as to the eligibility of a Service Provider are accomplished by the user conducting the route process.   Follow these steps to manually route a Work Event to a WorkMarket Service Provider:

  1. If your Work Event is at a status of Prospective, you are missing one or more of the following three fields that must be populated:
    1. Service Date and Time
    2. Location
    3. Service Contact

Once the Work Event has these three fields populated, it will automatically promote to a status of Draft.

  1. Click the mustard colored Publish to WorkMarket button in the Info bar at the top of the Details tab.  
    1. A popup window will ask to verify/enter the price you want to publish to providers in WorkMarket.
      1. Payment type: Flat Fee or Hourly
        1. If you choose flat fee, enter the amount you are willing to pay.
        2. If you choose hourly, enter your hourly rate and maximum hours allowed.
    2. Click the Yes, Save and Publish to WorkMarket.  This triggers the syncing of the Work Event with WorkMarket and takes you to the Routing tab (note the tabs along the top center) with all relevant WorkMarket Service Providers displayed (20 per page).  Click the Name, Distance, or Rating column header to sort by that column.
      1. Note the new WorkMarket tab to the right of the Routing tab.  This contains data from the Work Event shared with WorkMarket.
  2. Click on any Service Provider’s name to view their profile including work performed for your company in the past as well as and assigned Tags or Notes entered on that provider.
    1. You may also Block the provider from working with any/all Customers here.
  3. Check the checkbox to the left of the Service Provider name for the Providers you intend to invite to the Work Event
    1. Click the checkbox on the header column to check all 20 displayed.
    2. Use the Filters in the right grid to narrow down your options.
  4. When you have checked off the Providers you want to offer the Work Event to:
    1. Go to Select Bulk Action >> Select Action >> Send Work Event for selected service providers
    2. Then click Apply  
    3. These Service Providers will be notified in the WorkMarket platform of the offer
  5. There are two channels of communication with these Providers:
    1. Questions: A Questions tab is created when the Work Event is sent to WorkMarket.   Invited Providers may ask questions, and you may answer them, in that tab.  This tab becomes read only when the Work Event is assigned to a Provider.
    2. Messages: A Messages tab is created when the Work Event is sent to WorkMarket.   Entries here are broadcast to all invited Providers.  Each invited provider may also send messages to you in this tab from WorkMarket but keep in mind any reply you send be visible to all invited Providers.
  6. Service providers that indicate their interest to perform a Work Event will show up as Applied in the Routing tab filters.
  7.  When an acceptable provider applies, you may Assign the Work Event to them.
    1. The Routing tab will go away and the Questions tab becomes read-only.