When one or more Work Events need to be routed to a single Service Provider or reassigned to a Service Provider after having been un-assigned, you may use the bulk action feature.

Follow these steps for Bulk Routing to a Service Provider:

  1. Bulk Route Work Events to a Service Provider:
    1. From either:
      1. The navigation menu, select My Team Work Events >> All 
      2. The navigation menu, select Customers >> View Work Events (link below the customer name)
    2. Choose Select Filters options that will narrow down your Work Events to the ones of interest.
    3. Scroll down and click Apply.  The list of Work Events is now filtered down to the specific Work Events you intend to route to a Service Provider.  If not, go back to step 1.b and refine your filter selections.
      1. The filtered list of Work Events should all be in Published status meaning the Project Team has promoted them from Draft status so they can be routed to a Service Provider.
        1. Click the:
          1. Checkbox next to the Work Events you want to route and proceed to step 2.
          2. Select All checkbox.   
            1. The Work Events on this page are selected, up to 20, and you are presented with the option to select ALL of the matching Work Events.  If all of your target Work Events are selected, proceed to step 2.   Otherwise:
              1. Click the Select all [XX] work events that apply for the selected filters link.
              2. It will now say [XX] work events selected.
        2. Go to Select Bulk Action
          1. Choose Select Action >> Assign/Re-assign Work Events to Service Provider.
            1. Select a Service Provider from the drop down that appears just below.  Typing any part of their name will search for a match.
        3. Click Apply and you will see a notice that the bulk processing is in progress and that you will receive a system generated email shortly detailing the success or failure of your Bulk Routing.