The goal of routing a Work Event is the assignment of the Work Event to a Service Provider.  When manually routing, all decisions as to the eligibility of a Service Provider are accomplished by the user conducting the route process.  Follow these steps to manually route a Work Event to a Service Provider:

  1. Ensure the Work Event status is Published.  If it is at a status of Published, proceed to step 3.  If it is at a status of Prospective, you are missing one or more of the following three fields that must be populated:
    1. Service Date and Time
    2. Service Location
    3. Service Contact first name, last name, and phone number

Once the Work Event has these three fields populated, it will automatically promote to a status of Draft.

  1. The Draft Work Event must be promoted to a status of Published to be eligible for assignment to a Service Provider.  
    1. Click the Publish Work Event button in the right side of the Info bar at the top of the Details tab.  
    2. Click Yes, Publish in the Confirmation pop-up window.  
    3. The Work Event will promote to a status of Published.
  2. Click the Assign to Individual tab (note the tabs along the top center). Service Providers are displayed alphabetically by first name.

    [PRO TIP] Default Max Distance in the right column list of Filters is set at 100 miles and is editable up to 3,000 miles as desired to modify search results.

    Use the Filters to narrow down the Service Providers to the best possible match to the Work Event requirements. The data shown for the providers includes:
    1. [Note A] The Service Provider availability.  Will show as Available, no conflicting events if the Service Provider is not committed elsewhere.  Otherwise, it will show the commitment(s) that conflict with the Work Event being routed.
    2. [Note B] The Service Provider’s distance from the subject Work Event location (647.8 miles); the travel time required at an estimated 65 mph rate (19 hours and 24 minutes); and the number of hours already logged this week via travel and work (27 hours and 23 minutes).  If the time is yellow, the Service Provider is approaching overtime status and if the hours are red the Service Provider is in overtime status.
    3. [Note C] Choose to display only W2 Service Providers, Contractors, or all.

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  1. Click the green Assign button to complete the assignment to the chosen Service Provider.  
  2. The Work Event will be placed in the Service Provider’s calendar and an email is sent to the provider with pertinent details.