Each Work Event is assigned a status based on a variety of parameters and where it stands in the workflow to Verified status (fully closed).  

These primary statuses are listed in the Navigation area under My Team Work Events as follows: (visual shading shown if applicable)

  1.   All: All Work Events visible to the user.
  2.  Assigned: A Service Provider has been assigned.
  3. Attention Required: A Work Event with errors in the API line items.
  4. Auto Routing Needs Attention: The auto-routing rule applied to this Work Event has failed to meet all criteria.
  5. Cancelled: A cancelled Work Event.
  6. Completed by Provider: The Service Provider has checked-out for the last time and selected this status to move the Work Event to the next stage.
  7. Draft: Contains date/time, location, and site contact information.
  8. In Progress: The Service Provider has checked-in and the work is in progress.
  9. Prospective: A Work Event without full data entered that would allow a Service Provider assignment.   Missing data may be a service date/time, location, and/or site contact.
  10. Published: The Work Event is ready for routing to assign a Service Provider.
  11. Sent: The Work Event has been routed to one or more WorkMarket Service Providers and is waiting on acceptance/assignment to a specific Service Provider.
  12. Verified: The Work Event has been closed.  If the work is complete, this includes any payments to third-party contractors and Service Providers.  If the work is not complete, the assigned Service Provider cannot return to complete the work, and your company is responsible for the follow-up, a Child Work Event may be created. [see procedure when a Service Provider cannot complete or return]