The two primary use cases for Child Work Events are:

  1. When a Work Event must be Verified (closed) with incomplete work.  This case is covered in the End of Work Survey  where the Service Provider cannot return to remedy and complete the work:
  2. When a revisit or some sort of follow-up is requested/required for work such as warranty or QA checks and you want to keep the two Work Events associated with each other.   In this case:
    1. Open the original Work Event.
    2. Go to Actions >> Create Child to create a Child Work Event associated with the original and complete the appropriate data fields to reflect the appropriate information.  [see Creating a Work Event]
      1. Many fields will prepopulate from the original, now a Parent, Work Event.
    3. Save, Publish, and Route the Child Work Event.
    4. Follow established procedures on the new Child Work Event to ensure the work is completed.