Depending on the what field you want to edit and the Status of a Work Event, it may be edited via several methods.

  1. Find the Work Event
    1. Use the universal search box.
    2. Use the Navigation menu My Team Work Events.
    3. Use the Scheduler Dashboard.
  2. If only rescheduling the Work Event:
    1. If the Status is NOT Draft, Prospective, or Completed:
      1. You may take a shortcut to edit the Service Date and/or Time in the Details tab by clicking the Edit link in the Work Event Details section just under the Work Event name.
    2. Users with certain assigned roles can rapidly reschedule Work Events in the Scheduler through the drag-and-drop feature:
      1. Drag a whole Work Event to the new desired date/time, drop it, and click OK in the popup warning.
      2. Drag the left or right edge of a Work Event to change the start or end date/time, drop it, and click OK in the popup warning.
  3. All editing is also available via clicking the Actions dropdown menu in the upper right of the Work Event and select Edit Work Event.
    1. Edit the fields as necessary and click the Save Work Event button at the far bottom right.