If all fields were correct and you successfully bulk loaded/created these Work Events, they will be in Draft status and ready for you to promote them to Published status so they may be assigned to Service Providers.

If they are NOT in Draft status, you likely missed some data and it is recommended to delete them all, fix your data, and reload.  [see Bulk Delete Multiple Work Events]

  1. Select My Team Work Events >> All
  2. Go to Select Filters and in the Bulk Upload Spreadsheetfield, select the name of the Excel workbook you used in the bulk creation.  Click Apply and all the Work Events you created above should be listed.
    1. If they ARE in Draft status, you are ready to promote them to the next higher status.
      1. Click the Select All checkbox.
      2. The first 20 listed are selected and you are presented with the option to select ALL of the matching Work Events.
      3. Click the Select all [XX] work events that apply for the selected filters link.
      4. It will now say [XX] work events selected.
      5. Go to Select Bulk Action and choose Publish Work Events.
    2. Click Apply and you will receive a system generated email shortly detailing the success or failure of your Publish action.

If successful, congratulations.  If not, please delete your entries, review your raw data in the upload template, and try again. [see Bulk Delete Multiple Work Events and Bulk Create Multiple Work Events]