Access to these options are based on a user’s assigned role.  

  1. From the Navigation menu, select Service Providers >> View Active.  All active Service Providers are listed here.
  2. Click Add Service Provider
  3. Enter the Service Provider profile information:
    1. First Name
    2. Last Name
    3. (Optional) Employee ID – Can be employee number or HR system employee unique identifier
    4. Email
    5. Phone number (Mobile number used to contact them in the field)
    6. Title – Used for routing Work Events with Title as a filter option
    7. Manager name
    8. (Optional) Address street 1
    9. (Optional) Address street 2
    10. City
    11. Country – Select from drop down options
    12. State – Select from dropdown options
    13. Postal code – US may be five digit or zip+4 format.  Canada has a space between the character groups.
    14. (Optional) Company van
    15. (Optional) Corporate card – Select from dropdown options
    16. Region
  4. Click Create
  5. The newly created Service Provider will receive a welcome email with instructions to set their password.