There are three types of Service Providers available in ServiceDemand:

  1. W2:   Full-time employees.  These are normally your first ‘go-to’ providers and are considered badged employees of your company.
  2. Preferred:  Persons or businesses you have selected to serve as alternate providers eligible to receive work from your company.  This status is assigned as your company deems appropriate but is usually earned over time through demonstrated performance as a reliable, responsive, competitive, skilled, and/or talented provider while performing previous engagements for your company or while serving as an independent provider.
  3. Independent Third-Party:  These individuals or businesses are available through third-party talent pools electronically connected to ServiceDemand and serve as tertiary providers to supplement work performed by W2 or Preferred providers.  These independent providers may perform work independently and cover white-space in your company’s organic provider footprint.