Service Providers

Depending on your subscription plan and integrations, there are up to four types of Service Providers you may use in ServiceDemand:

  1. W2:  Full-time employees.  These are normally your first ‘go-to’ providers and are considered badged employees of your company.
  2. Contractor:  Persons or small single to a few person businesses you have selected to serve as alternate providers eligible to receive work from your company.  These Contractors are often paid under 1099 tax status.  They perform engagements for your company as an independent provider.
  3. Company:  These Service Provider Companies are selected by you and onboarded into ServiceDemand to perform engagements for you.   They operate in their own limited/focused ServiceDemand tenant and accept or decline work invitations from you via a tenant-to-tenant integration.  They normally have their own pool of Service Providers they manage in their ServiceDemand tenant and they assign accepted work to those technicians and manage the execution in ServiceDemand.
  4. WorkMarket:  This is a third-party labor pool of Service Providers you may access through a specialty integration.  These providers are profiled in the WorkMarket platform and sourced for your Work Events via API integration.