A customer record (profile) is required for each customer served in ServiceDemand.  This record forms the basis of all work and data for that customer.

Create Customer

To create a customer record:

  1. In the Navigation menu, select Customers to open the All Customers page.
  2. Click the Create Customer button in the upper right corner of the page.
  3. Enter:
    1. Customer name.
    2. Customer email address.
    3. (optional) Business phone number.
    4. (conditional) If your ServiceDemand account is linked to a Customer account (optional and special configuration), an Associated Client dropdown is present to select that connected Customer name.
    5. (optional) If you want to set the Service Provider check-in/out for all Work Events for this customer as optional, as opposed to the default required, check the box ‘Are site check-in/out entries optional for work events?
  4. Click Create.