There are a few basic settings used to feed certain data options downstream as work is created in the platform.

  1. From the Navigation menu, select Settings
    1. Regions tab: Add, Edit, or Delete your company regional structure here.  The names are free text and may represent any company labor structure or organization.  For example, a region may be ‘East Coast’ or ‘Virginia’ or ‘Network Techs’ etc.
      1. Connect these Regions to Users with the Regional Manager role if Regional Managers have been created.  Otherwise, you can return to make or edit the connection at any time.
    2. Skill Sets tab: The Skill Sets are assigned to Service Providers and used when Routing Work Events to ensure work is assigned to the most qualified and available Service Provider.  For example, your company offers ‘Network Cabling’ services.  This Skill Set is created here and assigned to Service Providers as appropriate. [see Adding a Service Provider].  There are two groups of Skills available here:
      1. Skills you define:  You may Add, Edit, or Delete the Skill Sets that are specific to the work your company performs.
      2. Skill defined by a Customer:  If your ServiceDemand account is linked to a Customer account (optional and special configuration), the Customer’s Skills will link into here and display as from that Customer.  One of these Skills may be set as required in a Work Event from that Customer and thus your assigned Service Provider must have that Skill in their profile.
    3. Price Item Types tab: These represent the groupings of items you use in Estimates and Invoices.  For example, you may have a Price Item Type of ‘Service’ and that would be associated to one of your Price Items named ‘Cleaning.'
    4. Company Settings tab: Enter the address and phone number you want displayed in Estimates and Invoices sent to your customers.  The support email is what the ‘reply-to’ address will be in the Estimate and Invoice emails you send to your customers as well as serve as an address for ServiceDemand to send various notifications regarding your account.