Customer: A customer record (profile) is required for each customer served in ServiceDemand.  This record forms the basis of all work and data for that customer.

Estimates: The estimates feature is available to provide users with the ability to create estimates for work to their customers.   Users have the option to email estimates to their customers for signature approval which the customer can do right on their mobile device or laptop.

Invoices: Invoices flow out of the Estimates process and are sent to customers as structured in the Estimates workflow.

Project: A record created within a Customer record to form the foundation for work that will/may be done for that customer.

Service Provider (SP): An individual that is eligible to perform the tasks and/or duties outlined in a Work Event. This person may be a full-time employee (W-2), a part-time employee (1099), an independent contractor from a labor resource (vendor), or a person sourced from/through a Preferred Provider (vendor).

Service Provider Company (SPC): An optional, advanced integration enables a ServiceDemand tenant (Source) to onboard, into ServiceDemand, a company (SPC) they use to perform work at the Source’s customer locations on a regular basis.  This company will utilize their own ServiceDemand tenant to receive work invitations from the Source and is responsible for completing the work assigned.

Service Provider Team (SPT): One or more Service Providers grouped into a team to perform work across multiple customer sites for a project.  One of the Service Providers is designated as the Team Lead.

Team: The [Project] Team structure is used to designate what users can view, create, and manage work for specific Customers and Projects thus allowing a means of data security while also eliminating clutter of superfluous information from user screens.

Template: Templates are created within Projects and are comprised of a comprehensive information package detailing the intended work at the service location(s).  A Template is basically a Work Event without a Service Date/Time or assigned Service Provider but allows the rapid creation of Work Events as the Project gets underway.

Work Event: A record created in ServiceDemand representing a single job or assignment for a Service Provider.  This is commonly abbreviated as WE.  A tenant's Work Events are numbered sequentially and may be customized to start at any desired number.