Customer: A customer record (profile) is required for each customer served in ServiceDemand.  This record forms the basis of all work and data for that customer.

Project: A record created within a Customer record to form the foundation for work that will/may be done for that customer.

Service Provider: An individual that is eligible to perform the tasks and/or duties outlined in a Work Event. This person may be a full-time employee (W-2), a part-time employee (1099), an independent contractor from a labor resource (vendor), or a person sourced from/through a Preferred Provider (vendor).

Service Provider Team: One or more Service Providers grouped into a team to perform work across multiple customer sites for a project.  One of the Service Providers is designated as the Team Lead.

Team: The [Project] Team structure is used to designate what users can view, create, and manage work for specific Customers and Projects thus allowing a means of data security while also eliminating clutter of superfluous information from user screens.

Template: Templates are created within Projects and are comprised of a comprehensive information package detailing the intended work at the service location(s).  A Template is basically a Work Event without a Service Date/Time or assigned Service Provider but allows the rapid creation of Work Events as the Project gets underway.

Work Event: A record created in ServiceDemand representing a single job or assignment for a Service Provider.  This is commonly abbreviated as WE.  A tenant's Work Events are numbered sequentially and may be customized to start at any desired number.