In the Navigation area, click Teams >> [then either] My Teams or View All to list the Team(s) you are eligible to view.

Team(s) are shown in ascending alphabetical order by name with Team members listed to the right with their first and last name initials or alternatively with an avatar or image the User loaded into their profile.  Their assigned Role is abbreviated in the lower right corner of each box.

To edit a Team, click the Team name:

  1. Edit Team: Click this button to edit the Team Users.
    1. Name: Team Name is editable.
    2. Users: All current users are listed.
      1. Add User(s):
        1. Please select a user: Click this dropdown and select the User you want to add.
        2. If you need to add more Users, click +Add More Users and then click the Please select a user dropdown and select the additional User you want to add.  Repeat as necessary.
        3. Save: Click the Save button to save your changes.
      2. Delete User(s):
        1. Options column: Click the red trash can button to remove a User from the Team.
        2. Save: Click the Save button to save your changes.

Edit projects assigned to this team using Team Assignment: This is a clickable link to jump to the Team Assignment page.