To create a New Team, there are two clickable paths:

  1. In the Navigation area click Teams >> Add New.
    1. An alternative path is in the Navigation area, click Teams:
      1. Click either My Teams or View All and then click the Create a New Team button in the upper right of the screen.
  2. Name: Enter the Name of the Team you are creating.
  3. User:
    1. To add User(s):
      1. Please select a user: Click this dropdown and select the User you want to add.
      2. If you need to add more Users, click +Add More Users and then click the Please select a user dropdown and select the additional User you want to add.  Repeat as necessary.
    2. To delete User(s):
      1. Options column: Click the red trash can button to remove a User from the Team.
  4. Create: Click the Create button to save your new Team.